Decking Cleaning

Decking Cleaning in Swale and Medway

Bring your garden back to life with our professional decking cleaning services. Year-round your decking is battling against the elements… torrential rain, gale force winds, warm summers and bitter winters. 

Is your garden decking infested with slimy algae, dangerous mould spores or unsightly mildew? A thorough clean removes ugly grime and unwanted fungal growth, transforming your garden – ready for you to use again.

Our safe and effective cleaning process removes dirt and dust, revitalising the look of your decking. Scheduling is easy!

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Safe To Walk On


Longer Life Span


Spend More Time In The Garden


The Perfect Outdoor Space For Entertaining Guests

A well-maintained decking area increases your usable garden space for entertaining guests, relaxing with family and having get-togethers with friends.

Group of friends eating on a decking area
“Our decked area was covered in algae and was very slippery to walk on. I can now go into the garden without worrying about breaking an ankle. Minimal fuss and no mess. I’ll recommend to my family and friends.”
Decking Cleaning Review from Mandy Cunningham from The Street, Borden
Mandy Cunningham
The Street, Borden
pressure washing of decking cleans dirt off

Make The Most of Your Garden

Bright, dirt-free decking boards work wonders to bring your home back to life. Schedule a clean today – we’ll eliminate the grime so you can enjoy a fresh, welcoming garden.

Revitalise Your Garden with a Decking Clean

Your grubby deck is starting to look a little unsightly. In fact, your entire garden is looking worse because of it. Nothing that a good old fashioned clean won’t sort out.

Neglected decking has a shorter lifespan than those that are regularly maintained. The longer mould, mildew and algae sit on the surface, the more they spread.






“My garden decking was starting to look a little nasty, so I thought I’d try having it pressure washed. Reliable and trustworthy company. First class job.”
Luke Elsworth
School Lane, Iwade,

How is decking professionally cleaned?

Our 4-step decking cleaning process is tough on dirt and gentle on your deck.

Step 1:  All leaves, dirt and debris are brushed and rinsed off the surface.

Step 2: Your decking is washed with water at low, safe pressure, loosening any dirt from the surface.

Step 3: A softwash treatment is applied and left to soak… breaking down any remaining dirt molecules.

Step 4:  The chemical and dirt is rinsed off with water. The clean surfaces are left to dry – ready to be stained, oiled or painted.

Plant Protection: Before and after applying the chemical treatment, grass and plant life near your decked area are hosed down with water, diluting the chemicals and minimising the chance of harm coming to your garden.

Affordable Decking Cleaning

Restoring a decked area with a professional pressure wash is far cheaper than paying tradesmen to replace and re-build it.

Schedule your clean today and take back your lost weekends spent scrubbing away in the garden.

Before and after of pressure washed decking
“We needed it cleaned so my husband could re-stain it. The job cost exactly as quoted, no hidden extras. We already plan on using them for future work.”
Joyce Doherty
Court Tree Drive, Eastchurch,

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Decking Clean is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and we aim to deliver outstanding results every time. If you aren’t satisfied with your clean, contact us within 24 hours. We’ll return to re-clean the affected area without further charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about having your decking cleaned

Only in cases where drainage is poor and the use of an electric water pump is required.

Composite, Softwood (Pine, Fir and Red Cedar), Hardwood (Teak, Mahogany, Oak, Cumaru, Ipe).

Pressure washing alone isn’t always enough to completely remove stubborn dirt and grime from your deck.

In cases such as these, Sodium Hypochlorite will be applied, left to dwell, and then rinsed away with clean water.

To be on the safe side, we recommend keeping your pets from going on the decking until it’s dry.

Grass and plant areas that may be affected by run-off will be thoroughly soaked with fresh water, before and after the application of the chemical treatment… minimising the risk of harming your garden.

Yes, however, for a better quality clean the use of chemical treatments is recommended.

Dirt and sludge removal isn’t included in a decking clean, however, we’re happy to bag it up and leave it in an area of your choice.

A good clean goes a long way to rejuvenating tired decking, however, it won’t restore a faded or discoloured surface.

Low pressure and our standard chemical treatment are more than a match for most grime.

Stubborn patches may require stronger doses which are applied multiple times if need be.

The time spent cleaning depends on the scope of the work, the condition of the boards and the quality of access. Rest assured we’ll take as long as necessary to ensure a clean, slip-free finish.

With safe access to your decked area and an outside tap, we’ll get your deck cleaned so you can enjoy your garden again.

You’ll be sent a reminder to leave your gate / access unlocked before your clean.

Bank Transfer or Cash

You’re only charged after your decking has been cleaned.

To prevent the build-up of algae, mildew and mould…we recommend a decking pressure wash every 12 – 18 months.

At present, we don’t offer this as a service.


The surface is cleaned using low water pressure which isn’t powerful enough to damage deck lighting.


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