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Patio Cleaning in Swale and Medway

Our patio cleaning and pressure washing services breathes new life into your run-down, tired slabs. Let us lighten your load so you can spend more time enjoying your garden. Put your feet up. Get the quality clean your patio deserves from professionals you can depend on by booking today.


No more slipping and sliding


Light up the BBQ


Make the most of your garden

Green to Clean

Are moss, algae or lichen suffocating your patio? Prevent costly damage by taking care of it today.

Patio cleaning with a pressure washer and a 24
“My patio hadn’t been cleaned for ages so I wasn’t expecting much but I was genuinely surprised with how nice the slabs cleaned up.”
Patio Cleaning Review from Harry Jones from Woodstock Road, Sittingbourne
Harry Jones
Woodstock Road, Sittingbourne
pressure washer used to rinse off dirt after being cleaned

More living, less cleaning

Does cleaning your patio have to be time-consuming, tedious and an all-round pain in the backside?

Absolutely NOT!

Our pressure washing services saves you hours of wasted time scrubbing and struggling… you’ve got more important things to be doing.

Patio Pressure Washing in Swale and Medway


Your patio is the most important space in your garden.

It’s where you chat and chill with family and friends, relax when the sun’s out, eat with loved ones… your patio is where memories are made.


       Exterminates Lichen

Eradicates Algae

Eliminates Moss

How is a patio professionally cleaned?

Using a petrol-driven pressure washer, we’re able to eradicate grime that’s too stubborn for electric machines.

Step 1:  All leaves, dirt and debris are swept up.

Step 2: Grass and plants near your patio are hosed down with water, diluting the chemicals used in step 4.

Step 3: Your patio is washed with water at high pressure to separate dirt from the surface.

Step 4: A softwash solution is applied to the surface and left to soak, penetrating and dissolving stubborn dirt.

Step 5: The patio is rinsed with water, removing any remaining chemicals… leaving your patio looking like new.

Minimising the chances of damage to plant life, Step 2 is repeated, and these areas are given another spraying with clean water.

“My patio was laid 4 years ago and was rather grubby. Never thought it could be so clean again but it looks almost brand new.”
Patio Cleaning Review from Penny Martin from Borden Lane, Sittingbourne
Penny Martin
Borden Lane, Sittingbourne,

Patio cleaning without the inconvenience

Our quick and simple booking process means your patio will be spotless in no time!

Pressure washing a patio with a flat surface cleaner

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Patio Clean is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and we aim to deliver the best results on every clean. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your clean, please contact us within 24 hours and we’ll return to re-clean the affected area without further charge.

"Before spending thousands on a new patio, we decided to try having it cleaned first. We’re amazed by the results and won’t be forking out on that new patio after all. We wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future."
Pauline & Keith
Childscroft Road, Rainham,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about having your patio cleaned

Only in cases where drainage is poor and the use of an electric water pump is required.

Concrete, Block Paving, Sandstone, Limestone, Natural Slate, Porcelain, Granite, Natural Stone and Cobbles.

Pressure washing alone isn’t always enough to completely remove stubborn dirt and grime from your patio.

In cases such as these, Sodium Hypochlorite will be applied, left to work it’s magic, and then rinsed away with clean water.

To be on the safe side, we recommend keeping your pets from going on the patio until it’s dry.

Grass and plant areas that may be affected by run-off will be thoroughly soaked with fresh water, before and after the application of the chemical solution… minimising the risk of harming your garden.

Yes, however, for a better quality clean the use of chemicals is recommended.

Dirt and sludge removal isn’t included in a patio clean, however, we’re happy to bag it up and leave it in an area of your choosing.

A good clean goes a long way to rejuvenating a tired patio, however, it won’t restore a faded or discoloured surface.

High pressure water and our standard chemical solution are more than a match for most black spots.

Stubborn patches may require stronger doses which are applied multiple times if need be.

Oil, Cement and Rust Stains – There’ll be a visible improvement but it’s rare that a stain will completely disappear. A faint shadow often remains, even when using industrial stain removers.

Stain removal isn’t included with a standard clean, but we do offer it as an additional service.

Patios come in all shapes and sizes, so we’re unable to provide a set timeframe.

If we have safe access to your patio and an outside tap, we’ll get it cleaned so you can enjoy your garden again.

We’ll send you a reminder to leave your gate / access unlocked before your clean.

Bank Transfer or Cash

You’re only charged after your patio has been cleaned.

To prevent the build-up of algae, lichen and black spots…we recommend a patio pressure wash every 12 – 18 months.

At present, we don’t offer this as a service.


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